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"3D bio-printing, an innovative biofabrication technology"
We are a group of young and passionate researchers in tissue engineering, especially in '3D Bioprinting'.  In this interdiscipnary research field, we are trying to bioprint artificial tissues/organs in order to enhance patients' health and quaility of life. 

3D bioprinting is the process of creating cell patterns in a confined space using 3D printing technologies, where cell function and viability are preserved within the printed construct. 

 Using this technology, real organ/tissue-like structures can be made by adding biomaterials/living cells  layer-by-layer.

 The printed constructs are utilized in tissue engineering and medical fields(Bioprinting: Principles and Applications) 

 This technology involves computer-aided tissue engineering, design and manufacturing, biomaterials and biology in modeling, design, and biofabrication of tissue scaffolds, tissue constructs, organoids, tissue models.

Recent News

March 11, 2021

​2021 연구실 구성원(대학원생, 인턴) 모집 중

2021 recruitment of lab members(interns, graduate students)

문의 :


           (석박 통합 과정  한종혁)

March 3, 2021

본 그룹이 21년도 상반기 중견연구에 (총 지원 연구비 약 10억원)최종 선정되었습니다. 



our group(PI: H.-W. Kang) was selected for 중견연구 grant!

 The on-going research focuses on :


1. 3D bioprinting process to produce biomimetic cellular construct

2. Artificial tissue or organ regeneration

3. Regenerative medicine

4. Body-on-a-chip

5. Drug delivery system

6. Design and development of functional prosthesis




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